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Autonomous and Emissions-Free in the Nissan IDS Concept

Our favorite Japanese automaker is hoping to help change the way the industry views driving and, with their newest concept as proof, they have the year 2020 as the end goal! Say hello to the Nissan IDS Concept car put on full display at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. With a ultra-lightweight carbon fiber body, a 60 kilowatt battery pack to power the vehicle and create no emissions, and an AI program for autonomous driving, it looks as amazing as it sounds. Take a look at it below for yourself, learn what it hopes to accomplish, and prepare for an…

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2016 Nissan Maxima -- The king of the road returns with more power

How much horsepower do you think most family cars are packing? We're not talking about performance sedans or five-seater muscle cars. We mean your mainstream midsize sedan -- how much power do you think is packed into one of those well-rounded rides? If you guessed a whopping 300 horsepower, you must drive a Nissan.


The king of the road returns to Gulfport, MS and beyond this year, and it comes equipped with more power than ever.

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Sing the Praises of the Nissan Sentra

Are you in the market for an affordable compact car that's also stylish, efficient and feature-filled? If so, we're here to say that the 2015 Nissan Sentra belongs at the very top of your shopping list.

Why's that? Well, the Sentra has all the qualities that you'd expect to find in a much pricier model. Let's take style for instance. The Sentra certainly has plenty of style to go around…

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The Nissan Titan "Truckumentary" Continues

You've probably heard all about the "truckumentary" Nissan has been working on to show the progression of new Nissan Titan. Well part 3 has arrived and it tells us all about the design process that went into making this vehicle. Take a look.

So many ideas and so much hard work went into designing this truck. The new Titan has a powerful and confident look that hints at great performance. It also has a…

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Nissan Begins Teasing Super Bowl Ad

Japanese automaker Nissan hasn't run a Super Bowl ad since January of 1998. But this year, the drought will come to an end and Nissan will run a new Super Bowl ad. Just recently, Nissan has started to tease their Super Bowl ad, as many companies do. Using the hashtag #withdad, Nissan is showing bonding between fathers and their children.

Take the following video for example. A prank video by Roman Atwood, it perfectly…

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Introducing the Nissan Kicks Concept

At the Sao Paulo International Motor Show, Nissan showed off their new concept car. The Nissan Kicks Concept was designed for Brazilian drivers, and has design elements inspired by Brazil. We think it look great. Check out the video below to get a look at it and hear what the designers have to say about it.

Here at Pat Peck Nissan Gulfport, even though we don't know much about this vehicle, we already love…

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When the Going Gets Tough, Take the Pathfinder

In the world, there is very little anymore that comes with an unlimited guarantee. It can be a great source of stress, because you only want the best for your family. Above all, the safety and care of your family comes first and foremost. Now, safety technologies is smarter than ever, and you can drive easier with the Nissan Pathfinder.

Sensors are positioned all around the Pathfinder. Together, it creates a small force-field like zone…

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Worry Less in the Nissan Rogue

Road safety is a priority for every driver; some people get really worried about it. Well the Nissan Rogue is here to help. It has a bunch of safety features that were designed to help drivers implement safe driving practices, and it can even help avoid a collision. Watch the video to see just what they can do.

As you saw in the video, those features can make drivers aware of danger, and can help…

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